Information about Flyers

  • At the present time only single page flyers can be shown on this website
  • Please email us your flyer, preferably in either pdf, jpg or png format - if you are using a program such as MS Word or MS Publisher to create your flyer, please Save As one of the preferred formats if possible, particularly if you are using unusual fonts, to be sure your flyer displays as intended
  • If you would like us to link your flyer to a website which contains more details about your event, please provide the web address in your email

What information should you put on Flyers?

Here are some suggestions ?

  • The name of the event
  • The club (or organisation) holding the event
  • The date and time
  • Where it is being held
  • Feature caller (if applicable)
  • Cost
  • Contact details (eg name, phone number, email address)
  • Website (if there is one) that contains more information about the event
  • Any other information you think is important for people to know

Remember that flyers are limited to a single page on this website

Don?t make the font size too small - the flyer will probably be shrunk to fit on this website, which will make the font size even smaller and may make it difficult to read

If you have to use a small font size because you have so much information to include, please try to send us your flyer in PDF format so that we can display the clearest possible image

To promote your Square Dance event on this website, click here to email us your flyer.
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