About TAWS

The inaugural meeting of T.A.W.S. was held at the 48th Australian National Square Dance Convention in Adelaide, South Australia, in June 2007 where a large group of interested dancers attended to find out more about T.A.W.S. It was a huge success, and attendees unanimously agreed that the formation of TAWS should proceed.

Co-ordinating Committee
A TAWS National Co-ordinating committee was subsequently formed to co-ordinate activities, receive and distribute information to members, maintain a register of members, and receive and distribute monies as required.

The TAWS National Co-ordinating committee comprises the following personnel:

National Coordinator: Graeme Jarman jarmangp@gmail.com
Membership Database Custodian: Graeme Jarman jarmangp@gmail.com
State Representatives:
Western Australia: Kevin & Colleen Green kevcol@live.com.au
South Australia: Mal Parrington malnchris@bigpond.com
Victoria: Don McGilvery minmcgil@optusnet.com.au
Tasmania: Iris Weatherburn iweatherburn@gmail.com
ACT: Anne Mathas ammathas@gmail.com
New South Wales: Ron Potter snowye3@gmail.com
Queensland: Bruce May maybd@hotmail.com

Objective and Purpose
The Objective and Purpose of T.A.W.S. is to provide an opportunity for, and to encourage those interested in, both modern square dancing and travelling to combine these two activities for mutual enjoyment.

The aims of TAWS are, but not limited to:

  • The promotion of modern square dancing throughout Australia,
  • The further development of camaraderie amongst travelling square dancers,
  • The establishment of a data base of square dance friendly holiday/tourist parks throughout the nation, and
  • The production and publication of a National Diary of Events

Membership of T.A.W.S.
Membership of T.A.W.S. is open to all persons who have an interest in modern square dancing and travelling.
Membership of TAWS is Free
Current membership is growing steadily and is expected to increase in the future.

Annual/General Meetings
The Annual General Meeting of TAWS will be scheduled as a part of each Australian National Square Dance Convention, subject to the approval of the Convention Committee.
General meetings will be convened at the discretion of the National Co-ordinating Committee

The preferred means of communication is by E-mail as this is considered to be the most cost effective and quickest means of disseminating information to members.
All communication to members by email is via Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) such that privacy is preserved
Notices of special TAWS events will also be posted on club notice boards throughout Australia.

National Diary of Events
A national "TAWS Diary of Events" is produced annually and is emailed to T.A.W.S. members. Amendments to this documents are issued as required.

Joining TAWS
Why not join TAWS and share in the fun and development of this exciting organization; please contact any one of the National Co-ordinating Committee, listed above.

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