2021 Convention - Darwin Caravan Parks

Following is information on the two closest caravan parks to Marrara Stadium, the convention venue.

It is the responsibility of TAWS members to contact the caravan parks to arrange their booking noting that caravan parks get very busy during June & July, their peak periods.


Discovery Darwin Holiday Park

  • 8.1km from Marrara Stadium
  • Access their website for more information

Click here to go to their website


KOA Malak Caravan Park

  • 3.3km from Marrara Stadium
  • consists of 2 parks in the 1 complex. Malak appears to be the nicer park but is not pet-friendly. KOA is pet-friendly.
  • the sites are large and are ensuite.
  • there is no camp kitchen or BBQ
  • it is a basic caravan park as per the photos below
  • TAWS members who have stayed at the park find it satisfactory

Following is an email from KOA Malak.

We are able to book the sites for you now, with the request that you phone back in March 2021 to confirm your booking dates and to pay $100 Deposit.

I am unable to give you exact prices for the sites at this time, as there could be a price increase before your arrival. (We usually get advised of any Price increases about February.)

Our Current prices are as follows:-
$300/week plus power for the first 4 weeks
$287.75/week plus power after 28 days.
Our power is metered power, which means you only pay for what you use.
We would also need to know if you are travelling with Children (this could affect the cost) or if you are travelling with Pets. (Does not affect the cost)
KOA is our Pet Friendly park. Malak is no pets allowed.

As we get busy during the dry season (April to July) if you were to book a site now and you are unable to attend for some reason, we do not charge a cancellation fee, we ask only, that you phone and cancel the booking. We do not hold bookings after 15th March if they have not been confirmed by paying the deposit.

KOA & Malak Caravan Park 440-460 McMillans Rd Marrara NT 0812

Ph: (08) 8927-3500

Email: koamalak440460@gmail.com

Malak Caravan 1 Malak Caravan 4 Malak Caravan 6 Malak Caravan 7 Malak Caravan 8Malak Caravan 9
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